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12 Jun 2024 AWRA Social Networking Event!
18 May 2024 Cobbs Creek Park Cleanup
10 Apr 2024 Using H&H models to simulate localized urban flooding
20 Mar 2024 Spatial, Temporal, and Biological Factors Influencing Plant Responses to Deicing Salt in Roadside Bioinfiltration Basins
21 Feb 2024 Clean Water Act Dredge and Fill Permitting 101
10 Jan 2024 Keeping Pace with Evolving Climate Science: Updates on the Philadelphia Water Department's Climate Adaptation Planning Initiatives
22 Nov 2023 The Role of Community Engagement and GSI in Underserved Communities
11 Oct 2023 5th Annual Stateside Quizzo
20 Sep 2023 Delaware Aqueduct Repair
14 Jun 2023 AWRA Social Networking Event!
19 Apr 2023 Using Microbial Source Tracking to Identify and Remediate Sources of Human Fecal Matter in EPA Region 2
01 Mar 2023 The Delaware River: Balancing Water Resource Goals through Flow Management
11 Jan 2023 The Water Infrastructure Funding Navigator: Securing Equitable Investment for Overburdened Communities of the Delaware Valley
02 Nov 2022 Engineers without Borders - Engineering Communities and Building Connections
14 Sep 2022 Evaluation of GAC and Ion Exchange Resins for Removal of PFAS from Groundwater
18 May 2022 From the Camden Collaborative to the Urban Waters Federal Partnership: Accelerating Environmental Restoration and Community Uplift through Collaboration
23 Mar 2022 Transferable Models: How a partnership and a grant program are supporting and accelerating strategic conservation gains in the Delaware River watershed and beyond
16 Feb 2022 Economic Benefits of Ecological Restoration: The Final Chapter for Dissolved Oxygen in the Tidal Delaware River
12 Jan 2022 Public Health and Safety Considerations for Recreation in the Urban Delaware River
08 Dec 2021 AWRA Social Event: *Rescheduled* Quizzo Night
10 Nov 2021 Introduction to Crediting Outfall and Gully Stabilization Projects
20 Oct 2021 5 Keys to Spectacular Landscapes in Green Stormwater Infrastructure
22 Sep 2021 Internal water storage as a stormwater management tool- design decision effects on hydraulic mixing and nitrogen fate
09 Jun 2021 An Overview of US Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District
12 May 2021 Nature-Based Living Shorelines for Coastal Resilience and Cleaner Water
25 Mar 2021 AWRA Social Event: Quizzo Night
10 Mar 2021 Tracing the Fate of Sediments in Green Stormwater Infrastructure
10 Feb 2021 A Roadmap for Restoring the Delaware River for Recreational Use in Philadelphia and Camden
13 Jan 2021 Performance Evaluation of Private Green Stormwater Infrastructure
18 Nov 2020 Connecting to Our Creeks: An Introduction to the TTF Watershed Partnership
14 Oct 2020 Restoring Natural Floodplain Functions to Meet Water Resources Challenges
05 Oct 2020 Challenges and Strategies for Funding Stormwater Services at the Local Level
09 Sep 2020 Opportunities to Partner with Private Property Owners to Manage Stormwater
02 Sep 2020 Exploring Uncertainties in Stormwater Planning in the Era of Climate Change
13 May 2020 Camden: An Equitable Water Future
15 Apr 2020 Curb-Cut Inlet Design Analysis & A Move Towards Dynamic Maintenance
11 Mar 2020 Development in the Floodplain: Regulations, Processes, and Resources
26 Feb 2020 American Street: An Innovative Approach to Project Implementation & Stormwater Management in an Urban Setting
22 Jan 2020 RESCHEDULED - The City’s Underground Revealed
08 Jan 2020 CANCELLED- The City’s Underground Revealed
11 Dec 2019 AWRA Fall Social Networking Event
13 Nov 2019 Taking the pulse of the Wissahickon Creek using continuous monitoring
24 Oct 2019 4th Annual Water-Themed Quizzo and Networking Event
09 Oct 2019 PFAS in surface water, sediment and fish from the Delaware River
18 Sep 2019 A sorbent-based approach to managing pollutants in urban stormwater runoff
29 May 2019 AWRA-Happy Hour and Student Scholarship Award
08 May 2019 Managed Release Concept
23 Apr 2019 AWRA/PA-AWWA Spring Happy Hour
10 Apr 2019 Comparing Approaches to the Hydrological Reconstruction of Urban Landscapes
13 Mar 2019 Creating the Perfect Storm Water
13 Feb 2019 How Do Hydrology and Sediment Transport Dynamics Around Coastal Population Hubs Alter Backwater Floodplain and Coastal Sediment Delivery?
09 Jan 2019 What’s Really in the Water: CSOs Are Not the Only Pollutant Source Impacting Water Quality
15 Nov 2018 AWRA - Fall Social Happy Hour Networking Event
14 Nov 2018 Achieving Resiliency Goals through Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment & Flexible Adaptation Planning
04 Nov 2018 2018 National AWRA Annual Conference
10 Oct 2018 Rain Garden Evapotranspiration Accounting Methods
27 Sep 2018 PA-AWWA/PWEA/AWRA-Happy Hour and Trivia
12 Sep 2018 Hapless or happy? Plant responses to extreme hydrological variation in urban green infrastructure systems
13 Jun 2018 Concept, Design, and Construction of the Manayunk Sewer Basin
08 Jun 2018 AWRA-Happy Hour Networking and Student Scholarship Awards Event
09 May 2018 Villanova University’s Role in the Upstream Suburban Philadelphia Cluster of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative
12 Apr 2018 Mussel Hatchery Tour & Happy Hour
11 Apr 2018 Investing in Nature to Promote Cleaner Water and Healthier Communities
14 Mar 2018 Integrating Global Climate Model Projections into Stormwater Planning in Philadelphia
14 Feb 2018 Case Study: Emergency Sewer Force Main Rehabilitation in Valley Forge National Historical Park
10 Jan 2018 Managing Delaware River Basin Water Resources with Monitoring and Data
08 Nov 2017 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Delaware River Deepening Project
18 Oct 2017 AWRA - Fall Social Happy Hour Networking Event
18 Oct 2017 Real-Time Optimization of Stormwater Infrastructure Using Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control
13 Sep 2017 Department of Environmental Protection MS4 Program and NPDES Permitting
12 Sep 2017 2nd Annual Water/Wastewater QUIZZO
14 Jun 2017 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District's Coastal Program in New Jersey
17 May 2017 AWRA-Happy Hour Networking and Student Scholarship Awards Event
10 May 2017 Increasing occurrence of high fecal indicator bacteria in headwater streams within the lower Delaware River Watershed
12 Apr 2017 Assessing and Enhancing Naturally-Occurring Abiotic Dechlorination in Aquifer Solids
08 Mar 2017 Growing Stronger: Toward A Climate-Ready Philadelphia
08 Feb 2017 Case Study: Planning for the Future with Consolidated Wastewater Treatment in Montgomery Township, New Jersey
11 Jan 2017 Lead and Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances in Drinking Water
09 Nov 2016 Green City, Clean Waters: The First 5 Years
19 Oct 2016 AWRA Venice Island Tour & Happy Hour Social Networking Event
12 Oct 2016 Coupling Stormflow Attenuation with Gully, Trail and Road Stabilization in Wissahickon Valley Park
15 Sep 2016 2016 Mid-Atlantic Conference of the AWRA
14 Sep 2016 On the Waterfront
15 Jun 2016 POSTPONED TO JUNE 15: AWRA Happy Hour Social Networking Event
08 Jun 2016 Upstream Suburban Philadelphia Cluster of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative
13 Apr 2016 Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Wetlands in the U.S. Northeast
09 Mar 2016 Enhanced Nutrient Removal: Case Study of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Chesapeake Bay
10 Feb 2016 Aquatic Underdogs: How Mussel Restoration Can Help Save our Great Waters
13 Jan 2016 Philadelphia One Water Approach Starts with Source Water Protection
18 Nov 2015 Mighty Environmental Microbes: Harnessing their Powers to Protect Our Water Resources
21 Oct 2015 Rooftop Agriculture: The Most Appetizing Green Infrastructure on the Horizon
09 Sep 2015 Philadelphia USEPA Star Grant Research
02 Jun 2015 AWRA-Happy Hour Networking and Scholarship Awards Event
13 May 2015 New Stormwater Regulations for July 2015
08 Apr 2015 Enhancing Nature for Climate Resilience in the Delaware Estuary
11 Mar 2015 Promoting Environmental Justice as an Essential Best Management Practice for Utilities in Economically Distressed Communities
11 Feb 2015 How Not to Design and Regulate Onlot Residential Sewage Systems - Someone Might Be Paying Attention
14 Jan 2015 Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) and Consequences
12 Nov 2014 The Delaware River Watershed Initiative: Improving Water Quality, Involving 50+ NGOs and Building on Sound Science
08 Oct 2014 Suppression of Acid Mine Drainage from Pyrite through the use of Adsorbed Phospholipid
10 Sep 2014 A Geologic Perspective on Stormwater Infiltration
19 Jun 2014 Urban Stormwater and MS4 Compliance: What EPA looks for in Municipal Audits
12 Jun 2014 AWRA-Happy Hour Networking and Scholarship Awards Event
15 May 2014 The City of Philadelphia's Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Program and Maintenance Manual Development
17 Apr 2014 Enhancing Nature for Climate Resilience in the Delaware Estuary
20 Mar 2014 Envision and Sustainable Sites
20 Feb 2014 Constructed Wetlands for On-site Wastewater Treatment
16 Jan 2014 Micromonitoring
10 Dec 2013 Engineers' Club of Philadelphia - Geologic Perspective on Stormwater Infiltration
21 Nov 2013 12 Lessons on Applying Stormwater Management to Transportation Projects
19 Sep 2013 Floodplain Restoration by Mark Gutshall, PWS – Executive Vice President, LandStudies, Inc.
10 Sep 2013 AWRA Social Networking Event - PHS Pop Up Beer Garden
20 Jun 2013 Trust for Public Land - Green 2015
16 May 2013 US Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District Response to Superstorm Sandy
02 May 2013 AWRA Social Networking Event and Fundraiser for Temple University: Engineers Without Borders Student Chapter
18 Apr 2013 Stormwater in the Courts
21 Mar 2013 Current Research in Drinking Water
21 Feb 2013 Water Efficiency in the Water Supply Sector
17 Jan 2013 Triple Bottom Line
15 Nov 2012 Nutrient Management in Energy Neutral WWTPs: Lessons Learned and the Path Ahead
07 Nov 2012 AWRA Social Networking Event, Including a Presentation Green Infrastructure Design
18 Oct 2012 Spreading of the Invasive Alga, Didymosphenia geminata ("Rock Snot"), in the Delaware River Basin
20 Sep 2012 The Use of Small Hydroelectric Power Generation in Municipal Water and Wastewater Systems
21 Jun 2012 Does Stream Restoration Really Create Habitat? - Quantifying Instream Habitat Using Two-dimensional Hydrodynamic Analysis
17 May 2012 A Time For Solutions – Report From the Sixth World Water Forum
19 Apr 2012 Sewershed Scale Green Infrastructure Design to Maximize Ecological Benefit
28 Mar 2012 AWRA Social Networking Event, Including a Presentation on A History of Topographical Change in Philadelphia
15 Mar 2012 Potential impacts of Marcellus shale natural gas drilling on surface water
16 Feb 2012 Green Infrastructure and Evapotranspiration
19 Jan 2012 Biosolids Processing: Technology of Pelletization of Sewage Sludge Biosolids
17 Nov 2011 Phosphorus Treatment – Advanced Removal Mechanisms and Amended Design for Stormwater BMPs
20 Oct 2011 Incorporating Watershed Tea into an Ecosystem Perspective
15 Sep 2011 Environmental Justice: A Case Study from CCMUA
16 Jun 2011 AWRA-PMAS's 10 Year Anniversary and the Green City, Clean Waters Initiative Celebration
19 May 2011 Celebrating Stormwater: Alternative Management Practices
21 Apr 2011 Stormwater Begins with the Landscape
17 Mar 2011 Green Roof Technology and Low Impact Best Management Practices for Stormwater
17 Feb 2011 A Science-Based Regional Restoration Approach for the Delaware Estuary: Overview and Urban Waterfront Case Study
20 Jan 2011 Erosion & Sedimentation Control, Stormwater Management and NPDES Permitting in Pennsylvania
18 Nov 2010 Levee Evaluation and Certification under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
21 Oct 2010 Water Resources, Marcellus Shale and the Need for an Environmental Assessment
16 Sep 2010 Beyond Net Zero Energy: Case Studies Of Wastewater Treatment for Power Production
17 Jun 2010 Nutrient Trading in Pennsylvania
20 May 2010 Engaging the Community to Achieve Stormwater Management Goals
15 Apr 2010 Recreational User Demand Analysis for the Upper Delaware River Estuary
18 Mar 2010 Environmental Presence, Fate and Removal of Emerging Contaminants from Water
18 Feb 2010 Urban and Suburban Stormwater Best Management Practices
21 Jan 2010 Increased salinization of freshwater in the northeastern U.S.
19 Nov 2009 Swimming For a Healthy World
15 Oct 2009 Marcellus Shale Drilling and its Impact on Water Resources in the Delaware River Watershed
17 Sep 2009 Sustainable Energy Development and Use for Water Resources Management: Panel with ACUA, PWD, City of PHL Energy Mgr, PA House of Representative
18 Jun 2009 Future Direction of Effective Stormwater Management
21 May 2009 Climate Change Adaptation in an Evolving Delaware Estuary
16 Apr 2009 Addressing the Challenges/Opportunities of Managing, Maintaining & Improving Water/Wastewater/Stormwater Infrastructure
19 Mar 2009 Pennsylvania Govenor's Task Force on Sustainable Infrastructure
19 Feb 2009 Effects/Recovery of Potential Oil Spills in the Delaware River
15 Jan 2009 Smart Growth and Water Resources
20 Nov 2008 Using Environmental Management Systems To Improve Environmental Performance & Reduce Operating Costs
16 Oct 2008 Financing Sustainable Stormwater Management
18 Sep 2008 Philadelphia Global Water Initiative
19 Jun 2008 The Waterways of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area -- What's Going On?
15 May 2008 A Sustainable Approach to Utility Management
17 Apr 2008 Global Warming Preparation to Reduce the Impacts of Flooding
20 Mar 2008 Reclaiming the Schuylkill Headwaters- Biosolids Management
21 Feb 2008 Emerging Contaminants
17 Jan 2008 Developing Nutrient Criteria from Productivity Data: A Brandywine Creek Case Study
15 Nov 2007 Managing Capital Programs: "The Cost of Clean"
18 Oct 2007 Green vs. Grey Infrastructure - Can Green Win ?
19 Sep 2007 Annual AWRA Mid-Atlantic Conference - Green Opportunities for a Blue Resource: An Economic Perspective
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