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  • The City of Philadelphia's Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Program and Maintenance Manual Development

The City of Philadelphia's Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Program and Maintenance Manual Development

  • 15 May 2014
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • One Parkway Building, 1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor Conference Room, Philadelphia, PA
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The City of Philadelphia's Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Program and Maintenance Manual Development 

Gerald Bright - Philadelphia Water Department

The City of Philadelphia's CSO Long Term Control Plan Update (LTCPU) is embodied in Green City, Clean Waters, a 25-year plan developed by the Philadelphia Water Department to manage stormwater runoff at the source with innovative green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). Approximately 400 individual GSI projects will be installed throughout the City and maintained by the Philadelphia Water Department by June 2014 and hundreds more are anticipated to be installed in the next coming years. The Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance (GSIMN) group in the Office of Watersheds at PWD oversees the inspection, operation and maintenance current and forthcoming GSI projects.

To accomplish these tasks, GSIMN has developed several databases which are used to track [design and construction] project statuses, manage materials and equipment inventories, and track the operational status and maintenance requirements of constructed assets. Along with overseeing and tracking inspection and maintenance activities, GSIMN has active roles in both the design and construction of the City's GSI. GSIMN reviews GSI design plans to ensure projects can be properly maintained and also provides vegetation selection and landscaping recommendations to the PWD Construction Division. Currently, GSIMN is working with the PWD Public Affairs Division to train civic organizations and community groups how to collect data and perform cursory inspections to assist GSIMN in refining site-specific GSI maintenance requirements and frequencies. To further ensure the maximum performance of the City's GSI, GSIMN works in close collaboration with the Green Infrastructure Monitoring Group (GSIM) to ensure the City's GSI maintains an optimal level function. These, along with addition aspects of program development and the operation and maintenance of GSI will be discussed.

GSIMN is currently working to draft and develop a GSI Maintenance Manual due June 1, 2014, a deliverable of the Consent Order & Agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. A discussion of these inspection and maintenance protocols developed by GSIMN as well as case studies of common challenges encountered in the field during maintenance will be presented.

Gerald W. Bright Jr. is an Environmental Scientist with the Philadelphia Water Department’s Office of Watersheds (OOW) and has served as the Manager of the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Group since the fall of 2012. His previous work entailed: project management as well the physical and biological monitoring of PWD’s stream restoration and wetland creation projects; two-dimensional hydrodynamic and habitat modeling; and public education and outreach within the OOW's Ecological Restoration Group.

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