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The Philadelphia AWRA encourages students to present and share their research in monthly meetings. Beside the poster, the students have the opportunity to give a short talk about their researches and posters. At the end of each year, two scholarships will be awarded at $500 each to the best poster presenters. 

Two graduate students from Villanova University receive student scholarship for presenting their poster in AWRA monthly meetings of 2019-2020; Michael Crimmins presented his research poster on “Identifying Vulnerability to Flooding and Heat in Philadelphia, PA”, and Matina Shakya presented “Analyzing soil moisture recession rates as an indicator of performance of an urban highway stormwater management practice”.

For those interesting in applying:

  • Applicant must be attending undergraduate or graduate school in a water resources or related field. 
  • Applicant must present a poster outlining current creditable research that they are contributing in their field.
  • Applicant must be able to attend one of the AWRA Philadelphia meetings held in Philadelphia, PA (see schedule attached) and send in request to present with name, title, and abstract two weeks prior to meeting. Request of dates on a first come first serve basis, may request multiple dates.
  • Applicant must print and bring their own poster, easels will be provided. Applicant will be reimbursed up to $50 for printing expenses provided proof of purchase.
  • Applicant must provide electronic copy of poster anytime up to week after the presentation.
  • Presenters will be provided lunch free of charge.
  • Presenters are applicable to receive $500 award.

Two to three poster presenters are welcome at each meeting. Poster presentations happen before the main talk when presenter will be asked to present, discuss, and answer questions that members or other students may have.  Benefits of presenting include:

All presenters are encouraged to stay for the main talk. Students are always welcome to attend any AWRA Philadelphia meetings. 

Evaluation: All applicants will be evaluated at the end of the academic year during a round table discussion. All electronic copies of posters and abstracts must be received by this point or may result in applicant to be looked over.  Winners will be encouraged to attend the last meeting to receive the scholarship, or by other means if not possible. All applicants will be notified and thanked regardless of decision.

All inquiries should be sent to the current student chair of AWRA Philadelphia.

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